Radiometrics devices


  • was developed for control of radiation situation at places, in living accommodations and working rooms, on territories of enterprises using the radioactive substances and other sources of ionizing radiation;
  • can be also used as an indicator of beta-particles flux density from contaminated surfaces.
  • is made in form of a portable device that can be carried with the help of a small strap or in a pocket;
  • case of the Belrad-04 is made of blow-durable plastic.

Technical Features


  • ensures the control of activity levels of food-stuffs, agricultural production, forage and building materials contaminated with radionuclides of caesium-137 and caesium-134;
  • Is an effective device for radiation control in radiometric laboratories of the Ministry of Agricultural Products, in enterprises of food industry, in local centres of radiation control of food-stuffs of the population, at territorial sanitary-epidemiological stations of the Ministry of Public Health Services, at establishments of public catering;
  • shows the stability of readings and high reliability in operation
  • is compact; its combined shielding has minimal dimensions but allow to ensure optimum of technological features;
  • The high efficiency of shielding gives an possibility to work in conditions of increased background radiation of up to 50 microroroentgen per hour;
  • The structure of the radiometer, which has to be earthen, ensures electrical safety of its users.
  • Ensures the possibility of radiation control of liquid and dry samples, samples in form of paste as well as crumbled up hard food-stuff samples; samples which have to be studied for radioactive contamination are placed in the Marinelli vessel if volumes of samples are 1 litre or 0.5 litre or in a flat vessel if the volume of the sample is 0.25 litre;
  • he automatic stabilization of the amplification coefficient (it is especially important when the activity level is lower than 100 Bq/kg,l) and the elimination of the influence of the radioactive potassium on results of the activity of caesium in foodstuff measurements.

Gamma-radiometer RUG-92М can be used for the sanitary-hygienic control of agricultural production at enterprises and in laboratories; shows the stability of readings and high reliability in operation.

Technical Features