Pectine Preparation "VITAPECT-2"

“VITAPECT-2” is a Vitamin-enriched dry apple food additive.
“VITAPECT-2” effectively binds and removes radionuclides and ions of heavy metals from the organism.
“VITAPECT-2” consist of natural product, enriched by vitamins and mineral substances.

Properties and operation

the natural apple components which are included into the structure of “VITAPECT-2”, promote operation of all known mechanisms of binding and abjection with pectin of ions of heavy metals, radionuclides.

  • There is binding or complex formation of ions of heavy metals and radionuclides;
  • The viscosity of intestine contents increased;
  • The re-sorption of bound ions of heavy metals and radionuclides decreases;
  • There are optimal conditions for breeding of intestine microflora;
  • Normalizes the level of cholesterol in blood;
  • Increases the parameter of lipo-proteins of low and high density (LLD and LHD), that reduces hazard of myocardial infarction.

“VITAPECT-2” applies

  • In districts with unsatisfactory environmental conditions and in territories, contaminated after accident on Chernobyl NPP, in regions of NPP operation, production and processing of uranic ores;
  • For preventive maintenance of professional diseases and intoxications at the enterprises with the hazardous production conditions;
  • For maintenance of normal operation of alimentary system, at colitis, coloenteritis, coprostasia, dysbacteriosis of intestine;
  • For preventive maintenance of atherosclerosis and sugar Diabetum;
  • At chronic intoxications;
  • For stimulation of metabolism.

As a result of application “VITAPECT-2” in Chernobyl districts of Belarus, the contents of radionuclides in organism of children reduced on 40-90% within 24-30 days.

Method of application

“VITAPECT-2”recommended dosis:

  • for adults: one tea spoon 3 times a day during 25 days
  • for children: one tea spoon 2 rimes a day during 25 days

Te treatment must be repeated quarterly.
“VITAPECT-2” is produced in powder form of hazel color of mass from 150 g up to 500 g in suitable container, allowed by the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Belarus.
Contraindication: children less than three years old.
Storage conditions: keep well closed in cool dry place.
Working life: one year.

One tea spoon of powder contains:

  • apple pectine
  • vitamins B2, B6, B12, C, E
  • beta-Carotene
  • folic acid
  • mineral substances K, Zn, Se