Possible cooperation

BELRAD invites the foreign partners to cooperation!

In the WBC lab your staff and their families could be measured on the Whole Body Counter for evaluation of inner accumulation of radionuclides of Cs-137 in organism in our office:
220053 Minsk, 2nd Marusinsky pereulok 27.
Telephone: 289-03-86.
If more then 50 people wish to be measured, our experts can come to your office and to conduct measurement.

image005.jpgAs a measure of radioprotection countermeasures for excretion of radionuclides of Cs-137 and ions of heavy metals the Institute of Radiation Safety “Belrad” suggests the dry apple drink with vitamins “Vitapect”. It consists of phytogenic natural product, enriched by vitamins and mineral substances (Telephone:289-03-83).

For the control of radiation contamination of environment,indoor of houses and offices,using radioactive substances and other sources of ionizing irradiation “Belrad” designed and produces dosimetry combined equipment “BELRAD-04-01” (Telephone:289-03-83).

image009.jpgFor the control of levels of contamination of food stuffs, agricultural products, forages, building materials by radionuclides of Cs-137, Cs-134 taking into consideration K-40, experts of “Belrad” designed and produce automated gamma-radiometer RUG-92M. (Telephone: 289-03-83)