The institute of radiating safety “BELRAD” (Institute “BELRAD”) was created in 1990 and acts as independent not state organization. The goal of activity of the Institute “BELRAD” is radiation monitoring of the inhabitants of Chernobyl zone and their foodstuffs, development of measures on maintenance of radiation safety and protection of the population on territories, contaminated by radionuclides by realization of necessary scientific researches, development and organization of implementation of their results in practice.

Main directions of scientific activity of Institute are:

  • Radiation monitoring on WBC of accumulation of Cs-137 in organism of children and their radiation protection by pectin preparations;
  • Creation of network of local centers of the radiation control of food stuffs at the population and informing of the population on radiation danger;
  • Development and manufacturing of dosimeter and radiometric devices of the control of food stuffs for radiological services of Belarus;
  • Organization of production of pectin food additive “Vitapect”;
  • Organization of educational centre on radio ecological education of the teachers and parents in Chernobyl regions on radiation protection of children.

Since 1990, the institute “Belrad” carries out radiation monitoring of the contents of Cs-137 in foodstuffs at local centers of the radiation control (LCRC), created at local councils (schools, ambulance stations) with financial support of the State Committee on overcoming of Chernobyl consequences. These LCRC were created in the largest villages, affected by Chernobyl accident in Gomel, Brest, Mogilyov and Minsk region. Now in Belarus works 83 LCRC, including 23, which are financed at expense of the humanitarian aid from Germany. Computer databank of the Institute “Belrad” contains more than 320 thousand results of the radiation control of foodstuffs. The establishment of excess of the contents of Cs-137 in food stuffs above republican allowable levels (RDU) is the basis for the prime control of children on WBC for definition of the contents of radionuclides in their organism.
The Institute created and accredited on independence and technical competence (by the System of accreditation and test laboratories of the Republic of Belarus (certificate of accreditation № BY/112 the Whole Body Counter laboratory (WBC). All 7 complexes “SCRINNER-3М” and the microbuses of laboratory are bought at financial support of Chernobyl charitable organizations of Germany, Ireland, USA, Norway. The institute will organize expeditions for measuring on WBC of children at schools and children's gardens in Chernobyl zone of Belarus.
In 1996-2001, the Institute “Belrad” measured on WBC more than 125 thousand children in Gomel, Brest, Mogilyov, Minsk, Grodno and Vitebsk region and in Minsk. The results of measurement of children on WBC are directed to the Ministry of Public Health, local government bodies for realization of protective measures.
The lists of children with the large accumulation of radionuclides in their organism are represented to charitable organizations in Belarus, Ireland, Germany, France, USA, Austria for inclusion those children in groups for improving.
Since April 2000, the Institute “Belrad” after reception of the sanction of the Ministry of Public Health began to produce food additive “Vitapect” on the basis of apple pectin with addition of seven vitamins and four microelements. Its cost in 2-3 times cheaper, than similar preparations, produced in France and Ukraine. “Vitapect” effectively binds and removes radionuclides and ions of heavy metals from the organism.
In June 2001 together with the French doctors was conducted the research of efficiency of “Vitapect” on a double “blind” method under the European standards. It has shown, that during 21 day reception of this preparation, the accumulation of Cs-137 in organism of 32 children decreased on 66 % (average value), whereas during reception of placebo in parallel group, the reduction has made 14%.
If you get interested by the indicated information, if you want to check up food stuffs, to be measured on WBC or to acquire pectin food additive “Vitapect”, call and come to the Institute of radiation safety “Belrad”.

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