Whole Body Counter Laboratory

Offers to the employees of your enterprise and members of their families to pass examination on spectrometer of internal human radiation for definition of internal accumulation of radionuclides of cesium - 137 in an organism.
The measurement is carried out by laboratory of spectrometry of human radiation of the Institute of radiation safety “Belrad”, accredited on independence and technical competence by the system of accreditation and test laboratories of the Republic of Belarus (certificate of accreditation № BY/112
The laboratory is equipped by seven complexes “SCRINNER-3М” (designed and produced by the Institute of human ecology, Kiev, Ukraine, software is modified by the experts of the Institute of radiation safety “Belrad”).
Each complex “SCRINNER-3М” passes annual mandatory metrology certification with issue of the certificate.
The rules of jobs on measurement is determined by “the Methodical recommendations for realization of measurement of activity of incorporated gamma - radiation radionuclides in human body with the help of spectrometers of human radiation “SCRINNER” and “SCRINNER-3М” (МВИ.МН 1467-2000), approved by the State committee on standards of the Republic of Belarus, by «Norms of radiation safety NRB-2000» and by «the Basic sanitary regulations of job with radioactive materials and other sources of ionizing radiations of OSP - 72/87».
To fulfillment of measurement is undertaken by the persons, studied methodical recommendations, passed course of training, passed the exams in the training center of the firm - manufacturer and received conforming certificates.
The automated complex of spectrometry of internal human radiation “SCRINNER-3М” is intended for definition of activity of incorporated gamma-radiation radionuclides in the human body and for identification of dose burden.
The complex determines activity of the following incorporated radionuclides: cesium - 137, cesium - 134, potassium - 40, radium - 226, thorium - 232, manganese - 54, cobalt - 60, iodine - 131 etc.
Nowadays, the basic element, forming dose of internal irradiation, is the cesium – 137.
Unit of measure - Becquerel per kilogram (Bq/kg).
Except for the contents of radionuclides, the complex “SCRINNER -3М” allows to determine the contents of potassium in an organism of the person, which is extremely important for habitability of the person.
The essence of determination of the contents of potassium in an organism in the following. a radioactive isotope, the potassium - 40 has constant weight significance among all isotopes of potassium (0,0119 % by weight). Determining the contents of radionuclides of potassium - 40 in an organism, the complex automatically on this weight significance calculates the general contents of potassium in an organism in grams, simultaneously expecting norm of the contents of potassium, personal for each person. The norm of potassium in an organism depends on sex, age and weight of the person.