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Radiometrics devices

     Pilot production of the Institute, produced more than 550 RUG-92, RUG-92–ú, RUG-92–ú-1 oriented towards radiation control of foodstuffs, agricultural and medicinal raw materials. More than 800 dosimeters and combined devices Belrad-04 and their modifications oriented for measuring the levels of equivalent radiation. These radiometric and dosimetric instruments were used in local centres for radiation control of industrial, agricultural enterprises and in forestry.




Building of a Radiometer 92.jpg


Dosimeter Belrad-04.jpg

Dosimeter BELRAD-04

     This dosimeter is intended for operation in the temperature range from -5°C to +40°C and by the relative humidity of 98% (at the temperature +25°C) and by pressure of 84-106.7 kPa.

Technical Features

Automatized Gamma-Radiometer RUG-92M

     This gamma-radiometer can be used for the control of agricultural production at enterprises and in laboratories; shows the stability of readings and high reliability in operation.

Technical Features

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