Radiation Monitoring of Children [BELRAD-EN]

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Radiation Monitoring of Children


Belrad accreditation for measuring Cs137 & Sr90

     The laboratory for spectrometry of human internal radiation (WBC) was created in the Institute in 1997. It is equipped with 4 automated complexes for spectrometry of human internal radiation. It was certified for independence and technical competence and correspondence to STB ISO/MEK 17025.

     The target group for the activity of the WBC laboratory is children from villages and district centers of Gomel, Mogilev and Brest region. During its existence the WBC laboratory performed over 549 thousand measurements. All instruments are verified annually in order to determine and confirm the correspondence of characteristics of measuring instruments to the state requirements. A spectrometer of human internal radiation (WBC) is tested with the help of universal phantoms like UF-02T (human body phantom).


Measurement on a WBC


Calibration using a phantom


Measurement at School

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