Measurements of Cs-137 and Sr-90 in foodstuff [BELRAD-EN]

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Measurements of Cs-137 and Sr-90 in foodstuff

     The mobile laboratory is meant to perform radiation measurements of food samples. It is operated in parallel with the WBC laboratory. This allows the implementation of quick assessment of food samples as to their appropriateness from the point of view of radiation factors, and the determination of the sources of radionuclide contents in children. It is equipped with necessary radiometric and dosimetric instruments as well as devices for the screening of educational films, slides and presentations in the field of radiation safety.
     During the years of activity of the Institute public stations for radiation control together with the basic and mobile laboratories 352 thousand measurements have been performed on food samples. From 2009 to 2018 the mobile laboratory only performed about 10,5 thousand measurements. The number of food samples containing Cesium137 radionuclides exceeding permissible levels remain at the same level as during last 10 years (12-18%).
     Among the most contaminated foodstuffs are forest products (game, mushrooms, berries), fish from the local reservoir and milk and fodder for cattle.
     The Institute operates the certified laboratory that was founded for measurements of Strontium 90 radionuclide concentration in food.


Mobile Cesium measurement


Strontium measurement

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